Akira Suzuki: Books, Translations and other work

Below is a selection of Akira Suzuki’s work. He lives in Tokyo and is a one of the leading experts in Burliuk’s work and life with special reference to Japan. His research into this subject was featured in the film, about David Burliuk’s 2 year stay in Japan between 1920-22. Below is a clip form the film “David Burliuk and the Japanese Avant-garde” which features an interview with Akira Suzuki discussing Burliuk’s work in Japan.

Akira Suzuki’s Translation into Japanese of David Burliuk’s book “Oshima” with commentary. David Burliuk wrote this account of the time he spent on Oshima.

In 1920 David Burliuk and Vacaslav Fiala traveled to Ogasawara with their families to paint and work. This is a translation from Russian into Japanese of their stay on this island which is roughly 1000 kilometres to the south of Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. There is a commentary in Russian by Akira Suzuki and Nobert Evdaev. This is a comprehensive account of Burliuk’s and Fiala’s journey to Ogasavara with an extensive reference to Japanese archives

A translation of Burliuk’s story of life in Japan during his visit there

A translation of Burliuk’s work about the Crimea written in Vladivlastok just before he traveled to Japan

This is a translation into Japanese of the Czech artist Vacaslav Fiala’s account of his stay on Ogasawara. Akira Suzuki has translated this work into Japanese and included reproductions of Fiala’s paintings, drawings and engravings. The book is a perfect compliment to David Burliuk’s account of Ogasawara as the two men traveled together to paint on Ogasawara much in the manner of Guaguin who in the previous century traveled to Tahiti for new sources of inspiration and impressions.

2 thoughts on “Akira Suzuki: Books, Translations and other work

  1. ブルリュークは日本の伊豆大島で作品と紀行記を描いています。紀行記を鈴木明氏が翻訳、ほかの紀行記と合計で8冊自費出版しています大島のHPでブルリュークの足跡を掲載していますhttp://www.island-net.or.jp/~ankosan/sub75bururyu-ku.htm

  2. ブルリュークは日本の伊豆大島で作品と紀行記を描いています。紀行記を鈴木明氏が翻訳、ほかの紀行記と合計で8冊自費出版しています大島のHPでブルリュークの足跡を掲載していますhttp://www.island-net.or.jp/~ankosan/sub75bururyu-ku.htm

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