Report on the start of a new film project series from Chekov Country

These are the first steps of a new project. We have come out to the Russian Country side to start preparations in what could be called Chekhov Country or Russian Dacha country. Its a fitting location to start these projects which are about Russian Theatre in the late 19th and early twentieth century. The films will consist of two documentaries. One about  Vahktangov and one about the role of carnival in Russian theatre of this period. Plus a feature type adaptation of Bloks play The Fairground Booth. For the next two or three weeks while We are here I will be writing and researching these projects and documenting them here in this blog and elsewhere. These films will follow on from the two films already completed about Russian Theatre “Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde” and “Stanislavsky and the Russian Theatre” to make up a series of films about the topic of Russian theatre of the early twentieth century. Using footage I will shoot out here I will try and give a flavour of life in the Russian countryside as well as documenting the start of this project.

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