Kandinsky and the Russian House

Watch “Kandinsky and the Russian House” by Michael Craig and Copernicus Films
Kandinsky and the Russian House is the 6th in a series of documentary films about the Russian Avant-garde. This film is about Kandinsky and his pioneering work in abstract art at the beginning of the century in Russia and in Germany. Using archive footage and locations in Munich and Moscow this film follows Kandinsky’s development of abstract art. The film is available on DVD. For more information.
The Russian House was the name given to the cottage in Murnau in Bavaria – Southern Germany  by the local towns people. Here Kandinsky and his partner Gabrielle Munter lived worked and painted. Various painters and artists visited Kandinsky here and it became the focus for what later became the Blue Rider Group of artists in Munich.
Click on the arrow below to watch the film.

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